Oxhorn Brand Wikia

Thunk was named for the sound he made when he fell out of his mommy’s belly. He always thought it was a terribly cute story, but he has yet to get a warm reception after telling it. Thunk, however, has never been one to give up. No, he will continue to tell the story, and to eat turkey, and to do a great many things that other ogres don’t want to do, because that’s just the kind of guy he is. He is also a very polite ogre, which is why the other ogres don’t let him hang out with them at Dire Maul and other ogre-ish places, for what kind of ogre is polite?

Instead, he eats turkey and attends self-help meetings to learn more about himself. He usually ends up hating whatever he learns, and instead hangs out with his friends, the Vulgar Trolls.

Main Movie Appearances

  • The Peace Circle
  • Oxhorn Brand Music
  • Thunk Leaves Home