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"Duty makes a man gamble his life for honor. It makes a man leave all that he loves most in this world with no guarantee of returning."
—The Tale of Cloran Hastings

The Tale of Cloran Hastings is Oxhorn's own swashbuckling adventure novel set in a unique fantasy world. It consists of sixteen chapters. Oxhorn occasionally discusses the novel on his show, Scotch & Smoke Rings.


A wave of water in the shape of a clawed hand crashes onto the deck of Wavegrazer. The wheel spins violently; the ship lurches and Cloran's men are flung into the sea. As the masts break and the sky goes black, one name flutters across Cloran's lips. "Adaire..."

Cloran has spent his life at sea and is set to retire. He hopes to marry his long-suffering fiancée Adaire, but his hopes are dashed when King Bozin sends him on one final journey to the far-flung icy island city of Miotes. This time, however, the Sea is jealous of Cloran, and will never give him up to Adiare freely. Alas, Cloran has no choice, and accepts the mission begrudgingly. "One final journey," he tells himself. No matter what happens, it will be his last. 

Join Cloran, First Mate Lenny, Greaves, Darrell, Turner, Mallory, Richards and Jenkins as they navigate Wavegrazer through icy channels, floating castles, magical islands inhabited with faerie women and deadly reefs patrolled by the evil man-killing crab, Krackaman.[1]



The Tale of Cloran Hastings by Oxhorn - World of Warcraft Machinima

Oxhorn's machinima inspired by the novel.

  • A running joke on Scotch & Smoke Rings is that the book is available for the low, low price of money.
  • Oxhorn made a WoW machinima to help raise awareness of the book, however, it is not set in the Warcraft universe.
  • It is available in tablet, hardcover, or paperback form.
  • The machinima made for the novel features voice acting done by Jesse Cox.