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Staghorn shows who be-eth the most mighty of Tauren.
Staghorn shows who be-eth the most mighty of Tauren.
Vital statistics
Debut Inventing Swear Words
Final appearance Into The Tin
Position Warrior, Friend of Oxhorn
Race Tauren
Status Trying to figure out what he's reluctant to do.
Physical attributes
Hair colour None, that helmet is his face
Eye colour Blue

"This is my face." - Staghorn reveals the truth about his helmet.

Staghorn (or simply Stag) is level thirty-three. He wears green iron armor and likes it so well that he has no intention of ever changing it. He belongs to a guild named Reluctance, which role-plays all the time, and he takes his role-playing very seriously.

After spending hour after hour with his guild-mates, tagging “–eth” to the end of every word and throwing out nuggets like “dost”, “thou” and “forsooth”, Staghorn will often hang out with his friends Oxhorn and Mortuus to relax. Mortuus, however, tries hard to make Staghorn’s relaxation hardly relaxing.[1]

Major Movie Appearances

  • Inventing Swear Words 1
  • Inventing Swear Words 2
  • The Joy of Punting Gnomes
  • Inventing Swear Words 2.5
  • Inventing Swear Words 3
  • Oxhorn’s Christmas Special
  • Inventing Swear Words 4
  • Oxhorn’s Christmas Tree
  • Inventing Swear Words 5
  • Into The Tin



  • His green helmet is not actually a helmet at all, that's his face.
  • Unlike most of Oxhorn's characters, Stag was not voiced by Brandon M. Dennis himself.