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Mr. Evil
Vital statistics
Debut Associate Professor Evil Kills All Beggars
Final appearance Into The Tin
Position Graduate student[1]

Formerly: Associate Professor

Race Undead (Forsaken)
Status Defending the world from all annoying WoW players.
Physical attributes
Hair colour Tan
Eye colour Yellow
"Now, Barnaby! Kill all the beggars in Orgrimmar!"
—Mr. Evil concocts his first major scheme.

Mr. Evil, formerly Associate Professor Evil, is currently a graduate student at the Evil Alchemist University. He was stripped of his original role for "not being evil enough". He now ironically serves Quintus, his former pupil.

Official Description

Mister Evil teaches evil alchemy at the Evil Alchemist University. He was once an Associate Professor in his own right. He had his own classroom, students and fancy chalk, but all of that changed when his former student Quintus took his job because he wasn’t evil enough. Mister Evil spends his days groaning under his former pupil’s cruelty, and cursing his pathetic luck.

If only there was some way he could vent his anger and give way to the raging passions that churn within him…[2]


  • "During the day he is a grumpy graduate student at the Evil Alchemist University, who is forced to join the union and tout politically correct ideals he does not believe; at at night, when the beggars, gold farmers, ninja looters, and other annoying players come out? He becomes... Lieutenant Colonel Virtue!"[3] - A narrator describes Mr. Evil's life.
  • "I drugged the baboon, I experimented on the baboon, and I killed the baboon! If I decide not to recycle it's knuckles, than it's my own bloiting decision."[4] - Mr. Evil frustrated with the actions of the Hippy Elf.
  • "What I am my dears, is beyond explanation" - Mr. Evil explains the ambiguity of what class he is.
  • "Hi it's Mr. Evil from Ox Chop™. You don't need to grate food, all day. You just Ox your troubles away with Ox Chop™. You just Ox your troubles away with Ox Chop™." [5] - Mr. Evil tries to sell the Headless Horseman a great new product.

Main Movie Appearances

  • Associate Professor Evil Kills All Beggars
  • The Peace Circle
  • Associate Professor Evil Kills All Gold Farmers
  • Hat vs. Barnaby
  • Oxhorn’s Christmas Special
  • Associate Professor Evil Kills All Ninja Looters
  • Oxhorn’s Christmas Tree
  • Mighty Morphin’ Midget Gnomes UNITE!
  • Oxhorn Brand Music
  • Into The Tin


  • Oxhorn is often asked which class Mr. Evil was intended to be, to which he responded that Mr. Evil is whatever class you imagine him to be.