Oxhorn Brand Wikia
Vital statistics
Debut Hark! Hear the Wails
Final appearance Into The Tin
Position Rogue, Friend of Oxhorn
Race Undead (Forsaken)
Status Pwning those n00bs with his ubar 1337 h4x
Physical attributes
Hair colour Tan
Eye colour Yellow
"What a wonderful feeling, I'm pwning again."
—Mortuus in Roflmao

Mortuus (or simply Mort) is an ubar l33t d00d. You know that guy that pwns ur flak hard? You know that guy who hangs out in Darnassus waiting for some gray elf to walk by? You know that guy who camps the graveyard, waiting for you to respawn? Mortuus, Mortuus, Mortuus. And he makes no apology for his behavior. After all, you chose to play the Alliance, and it is his mission to remind you every day that you chose wrong.

Mortuus has spent so much time perfecting his l33t ninja skillz that he never had a chance to learn the English language properly, and thus he can’t help but speak in l33t. But don’t make fun of the way he talks, or he’ll r0x0rz ur b0xorz with some r0ffle-waffles, you n00bish bloiting blits. Ftw.[1]

Major Movie Appearances

  • Hark! Hear the Wails
  • Inventing Swear Words 1
  • Inventing Swear Words 2
  • Inventing Swear Words 2.5
  • The Peace Circle
  • Inventing Swear Words 3
  • Oxhorn’s Christmas Special
  • Inventing Swear Words 4
  • Oxhorn’s Christmas Tree
  • Inventing Swear Words 5
  • Oxhorn Brand Music
  • Steak Sandwiches

Wickerman Burning


  • He makes an appearance in Wrath of the Lich King as Foreman Mortuus and in Cataclysm as Grand Executioner Mortuus.
  • In addition to his machinimas, Mortuus appeared in one of Oxhorn's earliest videos about the WoW holiday, Hallow's End entitled Wickerman Burning.
  • Fittingly, his name is the Latin word for "death."