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Lacy is Mortuus’ wife. She is a big ugly female Tauren. Now, Tauren are not ugly by nature. In fact, many Tauren women are down-right beautiful. It’s just that Lacy is not one of those Tauren women.

In the words of Oxhorn, “She looks like she was tied to the bumper of the ugly truck with the ugly rope and then dragged down Ugly Street for fifty ugly miles.”

But don’t let Mortuus know that she’s ugly. Hat made that mistake one time. He even sang her a song about how ugly she was. Let’s just say that Hat didn’t sleep very well that night.[1]

Main Movie Appearances

  • Inventing Swear Words 2
  • Inventing Swear Words 2.5
  • Inventing Swear Words 3
  • Inventing Swear Words 4