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Kevin Bacon
In all his glory.
In all his glory.
Vital statistics
Debut Episode 208
Final appearance Not applicable
Position Macot and Co-host of Scotch and Smoke Rings
Race Living strip of bacon
Status Lost somewhere in Ox's house.
Physical attributes
Hair colour None, he is bacon.
Eye colour Black.

Kevin Bacon is the sentient bacon strip mascot and co-host of Scotch and Smoke Rings. He is often absent due to sometimes being lost by Ox. He was donated to the show by fan Greg Hartung on Episode 208.


  • During Oxhorn's time at his third venue for the show, Kevin Bacon often nested in the doorframe.
  • Kevin is currently lost. As Oxhorn packed him away after his recent move and hasn't unpacked him as of yet.
  • He has an uncanny resemblance to real bacon.