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"Hippy on! Apply directly to the hippy!"
Mr. Evil's perfect solution to any hippy elf infestation.

Hippy Elf is caricature of the average night elf player with a light, dainty voice and a disturbing love for trees and humus. He is often slain for his frustratingly annoying antics, much to the pleasure of the viewer.

Official Description

The Hippy Elf is a very militant vegan. He thinks that eating meat is wrong because it promotes violence, and if you disagree… he’ll kill you! The Hippy Elf likes hummus and tofu and he likes to get in touch with his feminine side. He is very spiritual, but not in any conventional way.[1]

No, by spiritual he means, “I believe in any wild and crazy supernatural belief that cannot be proven but doesn’t have anything to do with mainstream religion because I fancy myself a rebel, and only as long as it empowers me to do what I want so that I can feel good about my own life choices without having to be responsible for them”.

Or something like that.

Movie Appearances

  • The Peace Circle
  • Elf On
  • Thunk Leaves Home
  • Staghorn Gets a Pat Down


  • He once gave Mr. Evil a hard time for throwing away some worthless baboon knuckles.[2]