Brian Dennis (Beanstalk)
On Episode 282
Vital statistics
Position Former Co-host of Scotch and Smoke Rings
Age Younger than Oxhorn
YouTube channel(s) None
Place of Birth Unknown
Place of Residence Washington
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Blue
Brian Dennis, commonly known by his alias, Beanstalk, is a former co-host of Scotch and Smoke Rings and the younger brother of Oxhorn.

On Scotch and Smoke Rings

He was most prominent during Oxhorn's second venue for the show, but eventually had to be on the show with less frequency due to Beanstalk's schooling schedule[1] and later because of having his own family.


  • His drink of choice for the show is often Kraken rum.
  • He often wore a fedora during earlier episodes.
  • He felt embarrassed watching Oxhorn's Reading Rap Lyrics with a Confused Expression segment on Scotch and Smoke Rings.[2]
    • This led Oxhorn to eventually replace it was a new segment, Spoken Word Pop.